Bless not Impress™

Learn about welcome, generous living and true hospitality

  • We live with an open heart, looking out for the wellbeing of neighbors and strangers 

  • We lay aside our fears and sense of inadequacy and share from what we have

  • We open our homes, however simple they may be, so that others feel welcomed and received

  • We establish a prepared place so that family, friends, and colleagues know they are valued

  • We show others they are special through small touches of beauty and creativity

  • We live by the maxim, Bless not Impress™

The Need

We long for connection and authentic relationship.  We want to build community but often lack the inspiration and motivation to get going. We may not have the time or inclination to add another event to the calendar, yet we see the value in practicing hospitality. We want to grow our knowledge, confidence and skills but feel overwhelmed by the "Pinterest perfect" pressure that gnaws at us as we attempt to invite family and friends into our homes. Heartistry is here to help us over these hurdles with inspiring stories, practical tips and useful resources.


  • Men and women who believe that people need face-to-face, genuine engagements with others in our increasingly isolated world

  • Singles who want to connect more with friends and colleagues to build community through shared meals and fun activities

  • Families who want to grow closer and build a lifetime of memories through meaningful traditions and hosting others

  • Leaders of organizations and business people who want to learn how to serve by truly relating in an authentic way.

  • Overwhelmed, busy people who want to simplify their lives, without closing the door to others

  • Creative people who encourage others through touches of beauty

  • Those who want to learn how to relate more effectively cross-culturally

  • Fun-loving, adventurous, let's see the world learners

  • Basically, Heartistry is for everyone!


We offer the two things most people need when they want to grow in a new area: inspiration and instruction.

Inspiration: We tell stories.  Lots of stories.  We share moving narratives of ordinary people who have stepped out and touched those around them through having open hearts and open homes. After hearing their stories, you will want to do the same.

Instruction: We come alongside to equip you with specific skills so that you can impact those around you~the stranger you have just met, the neighbor down the street and the family at your table.

Together we will be learning and encouraging each other to more effectively live with open hearts and open homes!

We offer resources:

The Team

Lyn Johnson

Lyn in French village

Lyn has practiced hospitality since she and her twin sister, Michelle, filled their parents’ home with many teen friends. Lyn makes it known that she doesn't like to cook, yet over her 35 years of marriage Lyn and her family have hosted countless people for cups of tea, home cooked meals and as staying guests (some who have come for a short visit and then stayed for years!)  While running a direct sales business with a team of over 1,800 women and partnering with her husband, Brett, in their business, The Institute, Lyn has led a busy life.  She loves to inspire others to integrate hospitality into the every day. Lyn has been teaching on Hospitality for over 25 years both locally and internationally, and has much wisdom and many practical ideas to share.  She candidly shares her own story with humor and passion, laced with many helpful tips to inspire us to “bless not impress” as we open our hearts and homes.  

Brett Johnson

Brett is an accomplished consultant, author and speaker, but for those who have travelled with him, he is known as the life of the party.  Brett and Lyn both love hospitality and Lyn is grateful that Brett is the one who likes to clean and is always willing to help.  Since being married Brett has brought Lyn tea in bed every morning.  This has set an excellent example for other men who have heard about his early morning tea making!  Brett also believes in the transformative power of hospitality and community and travels with Lyn on some Heartistry Experiences.

France Hosts- Dudley and Janet Weiner


The Weiners have lived in the South of France for many years and now own an 18th Century chateau in the village of St Hippolyte-du-Fort in the Cevennes region, an area with a rich history.  They run Youth with a Mission, offering Discipleship Training Schools for young people from around the world. Dudley and his three daughter's were part of Lyn's first Hospitality Seminar 20 years ago and he and Janet have been integral to the launching of our international trips. They will host us again this year.