At Home with Heartistry- Learning with Lyn

Do you want to learn to feel comfortable practicing generosity and hospitality?

Thank you for signing up to be part of our pilot group of students and participating in learning online as we launch our "At Home with Heartistry" program.

Read below for a refresher on the goal, commitments etc.

Why are we launching this pilot group of Heartistry "students"?

  • To work more closely with those who want to implement the teaching
  • To get regular feedback from our community
  • To give us additional motivation to systematically work on the materials! 

What is the time commitment?

  • Lyn will send short weekly newsletters with links to two short blogposts, one focussed on Inspiration and one on Instruction.
  • There will be “assignments” which will vary in length but should be very manageable as these are activities we are building into our everyday lives!

The “students” would need to:

  • Commit to reading each week’s Heartistry Newsletter and the linked blog posts. 
  • Do the occasional “practical exercises” and report the results (such as share your ideas/photos or invite someone to lunch).
  • If you are unable to complete an exercise that week, try to complete it later, as learning takes place through practical application.
  • Unsubscribe if you no longer interested  (no hurt feelings if you do).

You will receive a certificate of completion at some point down the road.  (We are developing this as we go!)

What is the cost?

The online learning is free.  If at any point in the future we offer actual optional get-togethers or webinars, there may be a cost involved.