At Home with Heartistry® Module One

An 8 lesson study taught over 4 or 8 weeks or during a weekend

I, Lyn Johnson, have been teaching about generous living and true hospitality for over 30 years. For the last 5 years, I have been hosting week long Heartistry Experiences where groups of people have come together to learn these important truths in a residential program offered in Cape Town South Africa and the South of France. Some of our alumni asked permission to teach the material themselves when they returned home, hence the development of this course. I have prepared this study as an introduction to Heartistry.

At Home with Heartistry®

This practical and impactful course will help you to feel comfortable and “at home” with offering true hospitality. It is designed to encourage, inspire and equip us to be more intentional about living generously. I believe that as we take small steps, and at times stretch a little, we will grow in our ability to practice hospitality.  We will begin to think differently, see things through new eyes and incorporate fresh behaviors into our every day lives. Our homes will be enriched and we will have an impact on the world around us!

Each week’s lesson will have the following parts:

  • Inspirational Story- You will read an encouraging and motivational article or story on the blog.

  • Important Truth- You will have the opportunity to discuss key Biblical scriptures that form the basis of each lesson.

  • In Class Activity- You will be involved in the learning process.

  • Instructional Resources- You will read an article or watch a video to give you practical tips and build your skill level.

  • In Real Life- Your homework will help you practice what you are learning, while you actually offer hospitality! You will overcome any hesitations, grow in confidence and be a blessing to many.

 What others are saying about the class:

  • The accountability that I received as a part of the group and the assignments with due dates, assisted me in putting into practice what I want to become better at doing.

  • I loved the course and thought it was time well spent.

  • I am single and haven't had consistent family meal times since I graduated and moved away from home 8 years ago. The idea of inviting others to my table had never been on my radar, but inspired and provoked by your class, I decided to invite friends for a meal 3 times this past week. It brought more joy than I could have imagined. My heart and stomach are full!

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