Why the name Heartistry?

A friend invited me to join him and a small group on a trip to Morocco to investigate the possibility of coming alongside some of his local friends in opening a small eatery with a fun theme (keeping this part of it secret in case it happens!) It would be a safe place for young people and women in particular to frequent. I was so very excited about the possibility of going on this trip and tried to make it happen. Although unable to travel, I later found myself asking why I had been so passionate about being part of the team.  I realized that this trip was at the intersection of so many things that I loved.  I started to list them: 

  • Hospitality- I could picture the cute little shop and knew people would love coming there to hang out.
  • Entrepreneurship-I spent 21 years in a direct sales business helping hundreds of women entrepreneurs start businesses and continue to support entrepreneurs around the world.
  • Affirmation- I wanted to come alongside my friend and encourage him to pursue his big dream.
  • Relationship- I love to network and knew I could connect others into this project (my mind was filled with people on both sides of the Atlantic that I thought should be involved!)
  • Travel- Who wouldn’t want to go to Casablanca?  I am passionate about travel and I am good at it!  And I have taken countless teams of people all over the world with me.

 And then I realized that these spelled HEART and right in front of me I knew what I needed to do with a large part of the rest of my life!  I am sharing my HEART  and inviting others to learn and travel with me.

P.S.  My very good friend Ruthie is the one who suggested the word Heartistry and I thank her for that!