Our Easter Family Traditions

For the past 30 plus years we have had the same Easter tradition! We have told the Easter story using a set of plastic Easter Story Eggs filled with symbols representing the Easter story. These eggs have been taken with us to different states and to different countries around the world such as Mexico, England and South Africa so that we could keep the tradition going. My husband Brett has written the date and where they were used on the egg carton to keep track.

Lyn and grandson with easter story eggs

I love to have light, portable and meaningful traditions that we can easily implement year after year and these eggs work so well. Read our blog for instructions on How to Make Easter Story Eggs.

Other Easter Traditions:

  • Waking very early on Easter morning to have a sunrise picnic- this was fun when the children were small, slightly traumatic when we had to wake teenagers and discarded when Brett and I were the only ones at home and happy to stay in bed a bit later!
  • Hiding and finding Easter eggs- we even had adults participate in this at times (our friend Jodene being the most competitive egg seeker!)
  • Gathering around our table with family, friends and those who have no local family with whom to celebrate Easter.
  • Taking time to acknowledge and reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus.  I have used the lamb in my decorating theme (remembering Jesus as the Lamb of God) rather than a bunny.  And in recent years I have grown spring grass for the lambs to graze on. Crazy I know, but it is such fun and makes the table so festive! Check out How to Grow Spring Grass for detailed directions.

A few principles we have learned as we have planned and maintained our Easter traditions:

Easter Morning Picnic
  • Repetitive family traditions give security and a sense of identity to our families.
  • Plan something that is simple enough to implement without exhausting all concerned!
  • Traditions have to be adjusted through the years as our children grow- one year our children (and a friend of Fay’s) wanted to climb on the roof to have the Easter picnic!  We all climbed a ladder and I served food and hot chocolate on the roof and we told the Easter story up there.  It was good that it was very early in the morning as I am not sure what the neighbors would have thought had they seen us!
  • For those of us who are followers of Jesus, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus is key to our faith and our Easter celebrations are an excellent opportunity to teach truth to our children.
  • It is fun to pass traditions on to the next generation.  Brett made a set of the Easter Story Eggs for our son and daughter-in-law to share with their family. 
  • Generous living involved including others that may be beyond your family circle.  Use this time of year to reach out and include others.

I would love to hear about your Easter memories and traditions.  Please share them with us all in the comments section below or email them to contact@heartistry.info.  Please also share this blog post with others!