10 Uses for Napkins/Serviettes (other than wiping your mouth!)

I love napkins!  They are such a fun and inexpensive way to add pizazz, whimsy, elegance and a sense of celebration to any occasion.  By adding a small, paper napkin (or serviette as I called them growing up), you can turn an ordinary meal into a festive meal.  


1.Plan the theme around cute napkins

2. Use as a placemat

3. Celebrate a holiday or season

4. Celebrate a special occasion

5.  Make any occasion festive

6. Make a paper plate seem more elegant!

7. Coordinate the napkin with the rest of your table decor to make a cohesive look

8. The nautical napkin adds whimsy when you serve seafood

9. Give inspiration for your flower arrangement.

10. Give as a gift

And of course, use for its original purpose…to wipe your mouth!


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