Top 10 Packing Tips- by Lyn Johnson

I have traveled extensively (to over 39 countries) and have learned how to pack and  how to travel! I have had to plan well so that I can be suitably dressed for business occasions as well as have clothes for leisure.  My most complicated packing assignment has been when I have visited a few countries and 2 hemispheres in one trip requiring clothing suitable for different locations and climates.  These challenges and the need to take just one modest sized case with me, has led to my PhD in Packing!  There are many methods, but I will share what works for me.  

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  1. Start well in advance
  2. Research the weather
  3. Get clarification on special events
  4. Plan for surprise invitations by taking one more dressy outfit
  5. Check on cultural norms
  6. Take appropriate gifts for hosts
  7. Coordinate your clothing so items can be worn over and over
  8. Choose a good, extremely light case with wheels
  9. Pack lightly and I repeat, pack lightly
  10. Have fun!