10 Reasons to Establish Positive Family Traditions!

  1. Repetitive family traditions give security to family members.
  2. They add a sense of identity to our families.
  3. They give the opportunity for "family lore" and stories to be passed from one generation to the next.
  4. They connect us to the larger community.
  5. They root our story in the historical stories of our family, community and country.
  6. We need to plan traditions and events that are simple enough to implement without exhausting all concerned!
  7. Traditions have to be adjusted through the years as our children grow- one year our children (and a friend of Fay’s) wanted to climb on the roof to have the Easter picnic!  We all climbed a ladder and I served food and hot chocolate on the roof and we told the Easter story up there.  It was good that it was very early in the morning as I am not sure what the neighbors would have thought had they seen us!
  8. Traditions can help to reinforce our faith and what we believe.  Our family shares that Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus versus focusing on Santa Claus.
  9. It is fun to pass traditions on to the next generation.  Brett made a set of the Easter Story Eggs for our son and daughter-in-law to share with their family. 
  10. Generous living involves including others that may be beyond your family circle.  Use times such as "the holidays" to reach out and include others.  (Americans use the phrase, the holidays, to refer to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.)