A cool Ice-Cream cooler!

Want to keep your ice-cream cool throughout your entire party?  

Like to turn a simple tub of vanilla ice-cream into a center piece and topic of conversation?

Interested in hearing plenty of ooh's and ah's?

It is very easy to make a stunning ice-cream cooler!  

Follow these instructions for a single ice-cream cooler:

  1. Choose a container that can fit into your freezer that is big enough to hold your tub of ice-cream and has sides that are as high as the tub of  ice-cream.
  2. Partly fill it with cold water.
  3. Add the tub of ice-cream.
  4. Add ice around the tub of ice-cream (you want to use ice rather than water so that the ice-cream doesn't begin to melt.)
  5. Add fruit that matches the theme.  I added strawberries and blueberries.  
  6. Weigh down the tub of ice-cream with something heavy.  I used another tub of ice-cream as I have limited freezer space, so used what needed to stay in the freezer in any case.
  7. Leave overnight to freeze well.  
  8. Transport to your party location in the container and then run some warm water on the outside of the container to melt the ice a little bit.
  9. Place the solid block of ice with the ice-cream tub inside it on a dish or tray that will be able to hold the water as it slowly melts.
  10. Voila!  You are all set and guests can serve themselves throughout your party without your having to run backwards and forwards to your freezer in an effort to keep the ice-cream cool!

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