At Home with Heartistry- Learning with Lyn

Do you want to learn to feel comfortable practicing generosity and hospitality? 

Would you like to be part of my first group of “students”?  

In order to be included in the "At Home with Heartistry"  group, you would need to:

  • Commit to reading each week’s Heartistry Newsletter and the short suggested blog post

  • Give me feedback, share your stories and photos

  • Do the “practical exercises” and report the results

You will be invited to occasional webinars and there may even be fun treats and surprises along the way! You will receive a certificate of completion at some point down the road!  (I am developing this as I go!) 

For more information and to sign up for the pilot group:

Some Background on the Heartistry materials:

I plan to cover the Heartistry teachings in a systematic way (or mostly systematic since those who know me have experienced my random spontaneity !)

Each Heartistry newsletter will have links to the pertinent materials.   We will cover these topics with both an Inspirational and Instructional focus:

1.     Hospitality Foundations

2.     Heart of Hospitality

3.     Generational Hospitality

4.     Hindrances to Hospitality

5.     Beauty and Creativity

6.     Simple Hospitality

7.     Celebrations

8.     Being a Good Guest

9.     Cross-Cultural Hospitality

10.  Affirmation

Please invite friends to join us as well!