10 Tips for Setting a Simple Table

 An attractive table makes a big difference to any occasion and does not need to cost a lot or take much time to set. I am sharing some basic tips in this blog that I hope will encourage you to have fun setting the table more often. (Later we will have fun with the way more creative table settings!)

1. Remember that the goal is to create a “prepared place” into which your family and guests are invited.  At your table they will be able to relax, share their hearts and enjoy being together.

2. Bless your family first.  Don’t just use your tablecloth and add flowers when you have guests coming.  Honor your family with a well-set table on a regular basis and involve your children in the preparation too. Your example will help equip them for when they can host around their own tables.

3. Start with a simple table set up and then once you feel confident setting that, you can add more details to the table. See the Simple. Special, Spectacular blog.

 4. One of my Heartistry Mottos is, “Always set the table first”.  Even if you have not finished preparing the meal by the time your guests arrive, they will feel your welcome if they see the table ready and waiting for them.

 5. Initially plan around one color scheme so that it is easy to coordinate your supplies.  White is obviously a great choice and then you can accent with different colors.

6. When I am hosting a large group, or preparing a more complex and time consuming meal such as Thanksgiving, I set the table the day before so that I have one less thing to do on the actual day.

7. Choose the right size table for the size of your group.  You want to make sure that people can see and hear each other. If you have a long table, and are serving a meal for a small group, set the table at one end and put flowers and food on the other end so that it still feels cozy.

8. There are different types of tables that can be used. I have used an old door, table tennis (ping pong) table, card table, fold out banquet table, and even had people sit on the floor around a low table for a Middle Eastern meal.

9. Lighting makes a big difference to the atmosphere.  Add candles, little tea lights, small LED lights (my favorites), or bring a lamp from somewhere in your home and include that in your table décor.

10. Adding height adds interest to the table. Make sure that people can easily see over anything that you place in the middle of the table.  This seems obvious, but I have been to events where a large flower arrangement blocked the view completely.  Put a book or little box under your flower arrangement or candles to add height.

Check out the album on Tables in the Gallery to see more beautiful table settings as well as the album on the Heartistry-Art of Welcome Facebook page.


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