10 Simple Ideas for 4th of July Celebrations!

American Independence Day is a great time to gather with family and friends for a celebration. The sun is shining, children are on vacation and it is a public holiday, so many people are not at work.  This is a perfect time to offer hospitality to your family, friends, neighbors and even those people you don't yet know.  (My family and I were immigrants to the USA over 30 years ago and so deeply appreciated the times when Americans invited us to join in with their traditions.) For our Heartistry readers who are not from the USA, you can throw an American themed party and use some of these tips!

Here are some ideas for you to try:

1. Decorate your front door with a patriotic wreath.  You can purchase one, or just add some small flags to a wreath you already own.

2. Place some small flags in your garden or in some potted plants on your patio.

3.Attend a local parade.  It is great to support the community and organizations being represented. If you don't have one in your community, arrange a small parade in your street. Invite children to decorate their bicycles, and ride around the neighborhood!

4. Invite a few friends to come and join your family for a barbeque or to watch the fireworks. Or step it up and invite some foreign students or immigrants to participate with you.  They will not have their own July 4 th traditions and would love to be part of what you are doing.

5. Plan a block party! A neighborhood just needs one person to suggest the idea, share the information and then everyone can participate. Choose the location and then ask everyone to bring their own food, drinks, utensils and chairs (or blankets). This will involve some work, but is not as complicated as it seems and will be fun for all!

(I hosted friends at our home for a number of years, and when we no longer had a big enough house, we rented a local community center and gathered there! Hosting a 4th of July party has become a tradition for us now!)

6. Decorate with a Red, White and Blue theme.  Check out our Heartistry Pinterest Board for lots of ideas.

7. Use store bought food items and decorate them to be as festive as possible!

8. Plan your desserts around the red and blue theme. Berries work so well for a healthy and special dessert.

9. Learn from my mistakes!  Read my blog about how my last July 4 party was not a total success! 

10. Have a fun day!  Be grateful for the blessings we enjoy in the USA and also take a few minutes to pray for the future of our country.

Please SHARE in the comments below how you celebrate July 4th.  We would love to read your ideas.

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