15 Fun Reasons to Visit Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the top tourist spots in the world.  There are so many stunning sights to be seen, delicious local cuisine to savour and unique people to meet. Here are some other fun reasons for visiting Cape Town with Brett and Lyn in November!

Hug an elephant

Have a seagull on your head

Eat a local delicacy 

See the World Cup stadium


Enjoy tour of 5-Star hotel

visit the ladies bathroom

Meet the local Heartistry Experience alumni

Help the chef pick salad

Relax in the bathtub


compare smiles with locals

Try Marmite toast

Watch an African sunset

carry a basket on your head

Join Brett and Lyn Johnson for the Heartistry Experience in Cape Town November 6-14, 2015.

10 things I love about Cape Town

I love Cape Town and struggled to pick 10 things, so let's say this is just the start! In no particular order:

1. Cape Town, my home town, the Mother City

2. Our national flower, the Protea that grew in our garden!

3. Lemon Merengue pie, made the South African way!

4. Llandudno, the seaside village where Brett and I grew up

5. Guinea fowl, birds with attitude (love the polka dots)

6. The Biscuit Mill/Neighborgoods Market, my favorite market

7. Beautiful arts and crafts that are sold by talented artisans

8. Walking down memory lane- I used to sit in a desk like this!

9. Onion jam from Woolworths, or Woolies as it is called.

10. The Cape Town harbor; we used to sail here

And of course spending time with our precious family and friends.