Setting a Surprise 6 Minute Christmas Table

My husband Brett and I are staying with friends in South Africa.  Christmas doesn't seem quite the same here as it is the middle of summer.  I decided to set a simple but festive Christmas table while my friends were out, using what I could find in their home.  I added in a table cloth I had with me (I had bought the fabric to use as a large picnic blanket during the Heartistry Experience) plus one of my favorite decorating items, my lights.  I just love my little strings of mini-LED, battery operated lights and they travel with me in my suitcase.  I have used them over and over to turn a normal meal into a celebration! (You can purchase the lights at a hardware store such as Orchard Supply or buy them on  Look for string of battery operated LED lights.)

I picked some greenery from the garden to use as the centerpiece.  The searched through my friend's cupboard and chose two vases.  I partially filled both of them with water, added the greenery to the smaller one and put it inside the larger vase.  I added cherries to the water of the larger vase.  I would have liked to use fresh cranberries but didn't have them due to it being summer here in South Africa and I was using what I could find in the fridge!

I added the pretty napkins/serviettes that I had brought my friend earlier in the week and strung the little lights around the vase and along the length of the table.  I added the silverware and glasses, and voila, the table was set!  Surprise!

Watch this short video to see how to set a simple and hurriedly thrown together table!  Please SHARE with friends and check out our Heartistry Youtube Channel.

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