Early morning birthday surprise!

While chatting with Fay’s Grade 4 teacher, Nancy I found out that her 60th birthday was the following week.  Recently widowed, she answered my question by saying that she had no plans for her birthday.  I knew that something had to be done.  On the day of her birthday, I woke the children early and we set off to deliver a surprise birthday tray.  I can no longer remember exactly what was on the tray, but I am sure there was a burning candle, small flower arrangement, pretty card and something yummy to eat.  What I do remember though, is the surprised look on teacher Nancy’s face as she answered the door in her pajamas to see three eager, excited children and their mom holding a birthday tray.  The cost was negligible, the effort small and the return profound.  The teacher started her day knowing she was loved and appreciated and my three children saw how small acts of kindness bring so much joy and delight.  Who could you surprise with a tray this week?

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