France Heartistry Experience 2015

Earlier this month in the south of France, 12 people, not one of whom knew everyone, moved from being strangers to becoming family. The Heartistry team welcomed men and women, couples and singles, moms getting a well deserved break from their family responsibilities and others launching out on their own for an adventure of a life time.

We stayed in simple housing, with centuries of history.  The chateau had been built in the 1700’s in a village that was home to Huguenots during the Wars of Religion. The Nazis had stayed in this chateau when they invaded the town.  When the group arrived we shared with them that they were stepping into a “miracle story” and later in the week when our hosts Dudley and Janet shared their story, everyone realized that they were visiting a very special place.

We traveled to historic sites such as the Pont du Gard that was built by the Romans and Le Musée du Désert where we discovered more of the history of the Huguenots in the region. Going down into a cave where Huguenot believers used to worship during times of persecution was very moving. 

We enjoyed gourmet food is quaint French restaurants, visited world famous Uzes market and had teaching sessions where we learned about Generous Living, The Heart of Hospitality, Creativity, Cross-Cultural Hospitality, and much more.  We practiced hospitality through hands-on-exercises, the biggest being hosting a banquet for 30 people! This was fun and stretching with 12 people working together for the first time, shopping for food in a French village, using someone else’s kitchen and only having one day to do it all!  But the event was a great success.

Many people commented that the Heartistry Experience was very impactful for them.

One of the men who attended shared, "The good news is that you don't have to be Martha Stewart to be hospitable! Hospitality is definitely not just for woman but for men as well as for businesses and corporations. Lyn is a gifted teacher and is passionate about hospitality and blessing others. This week has been life changing for many of us who attended. Living in community and the interaction with the YWAM staff (who run the Chateau) was quite amazing."

The teaching times are practical as well as inspirational. "Your theme of 'Bless not Impress' was just what I needed to learn! Except that I was the one who was blessed! The lessons were practical and the workbook was laid out well to be able to take notes and use as a reference when I got home. I loved that each lesson had a Biblical/ Foundational principle."

Another participant put into practice one of the exercises we had done when she got back to work and reported, “Today we had a department meeting and I had to report about my trip and presentation. At the end of the presentation I did an affirmation exercise with my co-workers. Co-workers opened up about hurts as children, we had others ask for forgiveness, there was lots of hugging and teary eyes and laughter at the end.”

We are thankful to everyone who attended the Heartistry Experience in France and look forward to future events.

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