How to Decorate with a Cake Stand

I love my cake stands! A cake stand does the same thing for a simple pie, as high heels do for a girl!  

  • Elevate that peach pie on the cake stand and it is time to party!  
  • Place a cupcake on a cake stand and you have a celebration!

If you have extra money in your budget, buy yourself a simple cake stand.  You will add fun and pizzazz to every day meals and you'll use it over and over for celebrations and special events.



  1. A cake (now that is a surprise!)
  2. Special desserts that deserve VIP treatment such as macaroons
  3. Cupcakes and petit fours- they can even be used instead of a wedding cake
  4. Fruit- fresh berries are beautiful for a brunch
  5. Hard boiled eggs- I add my bird salt and pepper shakers
  6. Seasonal decorations-Easter lambs, fall pumpkins and gourds, Christmas decorations
  7. Flower arrangements- add a few blooms to your favorite tea cup and set it up high
  8. Salt, mini lights, some greenery and a little bird for a winter scene (check out the instructionalvideo here)
  9. Ribbons, feathers, souvenirs from your travels, books piles on the sides with spines showing
  10. A couple of framed photos of your honored guest can be placed in the centre of the table

The simple act of serving a cake on a cake stand makes the entire event feel more special.  

I served my friend from India a simple birthday cake on one of my favorite cake stands and he was so delighted and appreciated it so much.  Look at his face!

Heartistry Tip:  I used a bundt pan and then put a single bloom in the middle of the cake and added some candles. Very easy, yet effective.


Just for a laugh! Look at my online order that arrived!

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