Set the Table in September!   Enter to win a prize!

Set the Table in September!

In the month of September, I want to encourage as many of our Heartistry community as possible to “Set the Table” and invite their family and friends to gather. 

Setting a table doesn’t automatically lead to warm hospitality, but as one is intentional about putting thought and care into making a “prepared place”, the dining experience can be more meaningful and fun.

Enter our drawing for the chance to win a prize! 


  • "Set the Table" in the month of September.  It can be very simple or more elaborate.  The main goal is to encourage you to gather with your family and friends, not how fancy the table décor is.

  • Photograph your table with or without your guests.

  • Share your story and your photo by emailing me at  by the end of September. I will post your photo on our Heartistry Facebook page.

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  • You may send as many photos as you like but they need to be current ones of tables set in the month of September.  This contest is designed to spur you on to offer more hospitality!


  • At the end of September, everyone who participates will be entered in the drawing and FIVE people will win a prize! The prizes are beautiful collections of fun napkins and other useful hospitality items worth more than $50 each! (Contents of the five boxes vary slightly.  If a man wins, I have a very guy friendly collection for him!!) 

  • ONE will be a RANDOM drawing so anyone can win!

  • TWO of the prizes will be given based on the beauty and creativity of the TABLE SETTING.

  • TWO of the prizes will be given based on the STORY behind the setting of the table and the meal provided i.e. the table was set for a lonely, elderly person or someone in need of encouragement.

  • Prizes will announced via the Heartistry newsletter on October 1.

  • The winners will be also be announced on the Heartistry-The Art of Welcome Facebook Page. (Please "like" and click "Get Notifications" so you won't miss the news)

  • The items will be mailed to the winners (without the basket) to anywhere in the world!!

  • If someone in South Africa wins, the items may be delivered by hand in November!


Please forward this newsletter to friends and invite them to participate.

Questions:  Please email Lyn at