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10 Tips for Setting a Simple Table e-booklet

The invitation, “Come to the Table” is a  powerful one. It can be as simple as being asked to join the family for the regular, evening meal or being asked to be seated at a fancy event when friends gather for a special occasion. As we join others at the table we build towards a greater sense of community, friendship and well-being. The positive effects of gathering together enrich us as we take time to eat together, no matter the quality of the food or decor. 

As we begin to offer hospitality, we can set a simple table.  An attractive table can make a big difference to any occasion and does not need to cost a lot or take much time to set. The goal of a set table is to create a “prepared place” into which your family and friends are invited.  At your table they will be able to relax, share  their hearts and enjoy being together. I have set countless tables, from rustic picnic tables in the woods, to elegant affairs with large numbers of guests. Enjoy the tips I am sharing, and have fun as  you set a simple table!


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