Testimonials about the Heartistry Experience

“What an amazing, liberating, fun, creative, affirming time it was!” 
– Marion, New Zealand


A lifelong heart and soul investment!

The experience and setting was great for us to enjoy together as a couple. I would recommend the Heartistry Experience to other couples.

-Stephan and Wilme, South Africa

This was such a wonderful combination of travel, experiencing a new culture and learning about how important hospitality is to God. Thank you for an amazing, refreshing week!

-Kerri, South Africa

The whole course, trips, food and the entire experience in France was just a wonderful for me, and also with my daughter. It was really special.

- Stephan, South Africa

I enjoyed meeting new people, and building strong friendships. I also enjoyed that we got a full on French experience and that in between learning things, we went sight-seeing.

-Danielle, South Africa (14 years)

God's will and purpose for me at the Heartistry Experience was to soften my heart towards others and to teach me to be a better servant.

-Johan, South Africa

This was the most uplifting, encouraging, beautiful experience of my life.

- Christine, South Africa

I highly recommend this experience. It will change your life!
– Jakoep, Indonesia



Natchi and Tina attended the Heartistry Experience

Everything at the Heartistry Experience combined together to make the perfect learning opportunity. We learned so many simple and practical tips to help us practice hospitality.

-Natchi and Tina Lazarus, India


How can I ever thank you enough for an amazing, life changing experience in France! You are a living example of what you teach and I think that inspired me more than anything else. If I have to sum up what this week in France meant to me, it would be, “ I realised that I only existed up to now, but now I can really start living by celebrating every small thing in my life!

Emmeline, South Africa

I have been on a compete high since returning from France. So many people have commented saying that my enthusiasm, thoughts and impressions shared from my experience have inspired and touched their hearts in so many ways. The have been especially touched to be more intentional towards family, community and easy other. You have provided us with such practical tools, thank you.

-Sandra, South Africa

The experience I had was unbelievable and I know it was God's favour over us giving each one who attended an absolutely amazing time.  All the different sessions, the sightseeing, the restaurants, the markets, little towns, the museum, the cave, literally everything to me was a blessing! 

Life is a choice! And so is it growing in my heart to live this choice... taking my 'home' (family) to a different level.  Part of this is what I experienced in France, and that is to live hospitably, generously, and give from the heart! 

-Retha, South Africa

My experience at Heartistry can be likened to that of an artist’s palette: an array of colours that come together to form something beautiful at the hand of the artist. Lyn is a modern-day Picasso, gifted in blending her “palette” to provide a trip that is educational, creative, tasteful, and filled with lots of surprises as well as true French culinary experiences.  This, combined with the beauty of the French countryside, the unique experience of staying in a French chateau with special hosts and simple pleasures such as walking to the local boulangerie to buy early morning baguettes, made it a most magical trip. And let’s not forget the amazing relationships built with the wonderful ladies who attended the course as well as the staff at the chateau. Thank you, Lyn for living out your passion – my heart really yearns to bless others and share what you have taught me.

-Lesley, South Africa

The Heartistry experience was so much more than I could ever have imagined it to be. For me it was more of a retreat than a course..a time of fun, fellowship and fabulous food!! The week was so full of stories, ideas and creativity with God's heart at the core of everything, it was impossible not to be inspired to get home and put it all into practice. Lyn is the perfect example of 'Heartistry' and she leaves you feeling equipped, confident and ready to 'bless not impress'...

 -Maria, South Africa

BEST VACATION EVER!! And yet, this was better than just a sight-seeing “vacation”. I wanted to “experience” France – not just “see” France and this Heartistry Experience far exceeded my expectations to do just that!

I came home with an enlarged circle of friends – from countries all over the world – who share a common bond of Christ and a desire to be a blessing to others. I also love that there wasn’t an ending to the experience. We have the internet to continue to pray for and share with each other and perhaps to see each other again. And the training and hands-on activities gave me confidence to be able to share what I learned to pass it along to bless others. It was worth every penny it cost me and my life is far richer for having participated in this!

Many people told me how brave I was for stepping out of my comfort zone to go. But I would have missed so much if I had just “read” about it or seen pictures of what others got to see and do. I’m SO glad I did it when I had the opportunity and I was healthy enough. I made friends and memories that I will treasure forever.

-Shelley, Texas USA

I had the most awesome and blessed time at Heartistry. I loved how Lyn shared God's heart for hospitality and how she also lived it and modelled it in her warmth and care for each person. I also enjoyed the style of teaching which was through stories and peoples’ lives who have been touched. I was really inspired by the scope of what we can do with people. From a small thing like making a tray, to an elegant supper table to a 20-year friendship, each person matters!

Thank you Lyn for breaking down the decorated table and also for taking hospitality to new heights. I loved every moment.

-Shontell, South Africa

This is what I think true hospitality is after experiencing this time in France with Brett and Lyn: To create an environment in true Godly love where another person can dwell and grow into his/her full identity in Christ without any control or defense, without any striving or pretense, without any guilt or false responsibilities; but with the only drive being the Holy Spirit and the only honest response being one is able to love back. 

-Cornelia, South Africa


"I had an awesome time; the people, the food, the outings, the sights, the worship, spending time with Dudley and Janet Weiner, meeting the young man born in the same town my grandfather was, divine
appointments everyday, ministry opportunities.  And, I’ve learned so much more about hospitality, the part that goes beyond good food preparation (and eating), that now includes atmosphere and presentation."

-Clint, Texas, USA


"This is more of a life changing experience than a seminar. Lyn's teaching was heart warming, inspiring, fun and practical at the same time. She helped me see and connect with people around me with my heart instead of just my eyes. Hospitality is so much more than a beautiful table setting and wonderful things happen when you realize that. I was also blessed and enriched by all the seminar attendees from around the world, they have become my lifelong friends. I came home fully inspired and thankful of the experience."

Evita, California, USA

Felicia enjoys France

"It was the perfect blend of training and vacation, ministry and fun!"
– Felicia, California, USA


"I feel refreshed in so many ways. I also really enjoyed the whole group of people and felt that one of the things we practiced while being in France was how to connect with one another around the table! I felt so spoilt being taken out to eat and getting to walk around markets buying ingredients for meals. I loved all the thoughtful little gifts you had gathered too. It was a sweet time: special people, a special place and time to think about what it means to open our hearts and our homes."

– Megan, Korea

The Heartistry Experience is a journey through treasuring the present: the blessings of savoring the food around the table - no matter how simple or gourmet, the people you break bread with - no matter how familiar or new, and the hearts and lives shared - no matter the time that's transpired or differences of experiences between. It is an invitation to open our hearts, homes, and lives to those whom the Lord brings to our path, and to model the sacrificial love and creative hospitality of the Savior as He compassionately draws people near. I know that I've left the Experience changed; offering a cup of tea is no longer a simple act to quench one's thirst - instead, it is a gesture of heartfelt welcome - for one to be seen and heard, accepted and cared for.

- Gloria, California, USA

It was spiritually refreshing and a blessing, I loved our room that we stayed in, it gave us time to bond. The attention to every detail was amazing and added constant levels of "special" to every day.  We did a lot but not too much. I feel the practical exercises actually equipped me for more - I came home more confident to DO. There were practical tips for every aspect of life - marriage, friends, work...since being back at work and at home, I realize my eyes see things through a different lens.  While I am used to be being quite practical in how to make people "be" welcome, my new lens, coming from an expanded heart for hospitality, now sees more how to make people "feel" welcome.  Life, especially in the office can be so fast paced and efficient.  Having this expanded view of hospitality has allowed me on many occasions to slow down, take the time to talk, write a card, bring in some flowers and most importantly stop what I am doing to look someone in the eye and to talk and hear.  The questions I ask myself are, "What can I do to make this person feel welcomed and loved?" and God always has an answer.  The experience in France was outstanding and truly life giving. Now I see it is also as life changing in big and small ways.

- Jodene, Arizona, USA

Thank you so much for an amazing week. I really felt like I was living a fairy tale. One of the best parts of my time in France was my new group of friends from the USA, Canada, Finland and South Africa. 

-Leigh Anne, Oregon, USA

I know the Heartistry idea could only be from God because your material/curriculum has this ability to cut to the heart! It has the ability to transform families and heal so much brokenness. It's as if there is this magnifying glass into the past to see either how blessed you were to grow up in a whole family and the effect on you as an adult or to see the loss and brokenness and to transform this into a first generation of change in families and communities.

-Juliana, South Africa

There are times and seasons that are a gift from the heart of a lavish God. My time in France at the Heartistry Experience, designed so thoughtfully by Lyn Johnson, with all these amazing and wonderful women, was one of those. So grateful.

- Annie, California, USA

Heartistry has meant more to me than you would ever know. It is the best money ever spent on me when it comes to uplifting and development. It changed so many things for the good in my life.

Brett and Lyn, thank you for sharing your life with us, sharing hospitality gifts, sharing your stories, sharing your wisdom and ministry. Thank you for putting on your counseling hats, and also putting on your mom and dad hats. You are truly an amazing couple! I learned so much from the two of you.

-Michelle, South Africa

I had the privilege of sharing in the Heartistry experience 2017 and what an experience! When I first signed up to go, I was already excited about the prospect of spending time in the South of France and getting to know a bit more about what God has in mind for me at this stage of my life. From the arrival in St Hippolyte-du-Fort to the departure 8 days later, we were blessed beyond measure by the welcoming, hospitable care of Lyn and her team. The château itself was such a lovely place to be, and what a blessing to wake up each morning to the sound of the birds singing. I loved the immersion in the culture and history of the area, which was so well balanced with the hands-on teaching and learning about how God has always intended for us to reach out to others and to live His love for people in a practical, relational way. Every day at the château there were new surprises. We had such fun, including the amble into the village every morning to the boulangerie to get our croissants and pâtisseries, and then shopping in the local supermarché to prepare and host a lavish banquet for the staff of the château, Enjoying lunch outside under the cherry trees and exploring local markets and the countryside, were some of the wonderful activities included. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go on Heartistry and am thankful to Lyn for creating a fantastic trip where we saw her heart for the Lord and people to know Him. I would highly recommend this as an experience not to be missed.

-Lydia, South Africa

It was with great excitement and expectation that I went to France for the Heartistry experience, but I never could have imagined what a special and life-changing experience it would be. Every part of me felt richly nourished; by the amazing beauty and culture of the place, the warmth and hospitality of the people we spent time with and the valuable input we received on the true heart of Hospitality. I came away with such practical keys on how to open my heart and my home to others and why I should.

Lyn blessed us and blew us away every day with the amazing itinerary she’d put together. We saw so many beautiful places, ate of the very best French cuisine, experienced local markets and tourist attractions and were privileged to learn about the powerful spiritual heritage of the area too. This was an experience I will draw from for many years to come.

-Andrea, South Africa

 We had such an amazing time in St Hippolyte-du-Fort, a French village in the Cevennes. We stayed in a chateau that was built in the 1700's, occupied by the Nazi's during WW II and is now a Youth With a Mission training facility. Twelve people flew in from all over the world to attend this amazing event to learn about generous living and true hospitality. The good news is that you don't have to be Martha Stewart to be hospitable! Hospitality is definitely not just for woman but for men as well as for businesses and corporations. Lyn is a gifted teacher and is passionate about hospitality and blessing others. This week has been life changing for many of us who attended. Living in community and the interaction with the YWAM staff (who run the Chateau) was quite amazing. We were wined and dined either at the Chateaux or at amazing restaurants in the area. Our team of 12 people who had never cooked or worked together before, prepared and catered a special meal for 30 people! (See photo of me as the "bar tender".) It was a lot of work but the collaboration between us was fun and very rewarding. If you would like to have a life changing experience in a foreign country, meet amazing people from all over the world, I encourage you to attend one of Lyn's Heartistry Experiences.

-Jasper- South Africa/USA

"This is a most unique seminar, the only one of it's kind in the world, that I aware of. When Brett and Lyn invite you on any seminar, it always promises to deliver profound cognitive shifts and cutting edge content, so one should jump at the opportunity to experience deep personal development under their leading. I was delighted to not only sit under this teaching, but also to experience first hand, the practical way in which "Hospitality" seeped into every engagement. This course is not to be mistaken for a mere theoretical understanding of the topic of "Hospitality", but rather a practical outworking, so that one leaves changed, ready to serve, love and bless others with all your resources and, of course, the best gift of having received so much yourself.  I am richer, not just for the food and experience, but to have rubbed shoulders with Brett and Lyn and the other delegates who taught me as much as the cultural experience provided."

– Kamesh, South Africa


"Throughout the seminar Lyn provided many tactical tips for hosting novices like me, but focused on the bigger picture – exploring what a hospitable lifestyle could look like. How can you establish community and weave multigenerational families into your life? How can you show people their worth and express appreciation? When I left, I was armed with both practical tips and a work-in-progress vision for how hospitality could manifest itself in my life.  I am deeply appreciative of Lyn for conveying the art of hospitality in a way that resonated with me, and impacted my life. She has a way of inspiring people to open their hearts and take chances, and is a gifted teacher. I highly recommend making your next vacation more purposeful by attending the hospitality seminar."

– Anne-Marie, Texas, USA

"I still use "bless not impress" and it's a good thing, because if I waited to be impressive to be hospitable it would never happen!"

– Diana, USA

The stories put everything in perspective and made it more personal.
– Anna-Mart, South Africa

The Awender family enjoys France

"Thank you so much for including our family. We were deeply moved by your love for us and this rich experience."
– Joe & Donna, California, USA


The Heartistry experience was a life changing one for me, I have recently been inspired to start talking to Jesus more as a friend than as someone that we have to live up to.  The Heartistry experience allowed me to see, how by doing the same deeds that Jesus did on his time here on earth, that there is so much good that can be given with so little effort.  A stranger in a new town, (I have been that on many occasions), a new mum at a school function, a new work colleague with no-one to celebrate any kind of known tradition with, and how by opening up your arms, heart and house how that can change the life of one small person and have the biggest impact imaginable. 

The Heartistry time was one of joy where we celebrated the everyday beautiful weather that we were blessed with, the wonderful company of people that were new to us and that have now become lifelong friends, common interests as well as new interests that have sparked all sorts of new thought processes!  I walked away richer than any millionaire after this experience, we were able to have quiet time, wonderful time in the company of others, exposure to sites through visits that would probably never make it onto some family holiday lists, food experiences across the spectrums from picnics in the countryside to exotic 3 course meals with the accompanying wine!  And of course held by Lyn who is an inspiration to me in how she is able to just keep giving!

- Jo, Great Britain

It was such a wonderful combination of practical advice, for example how to prepare for last minute guests, to the philosophy behind hospitality.

– Amy, Spain

Testimonials from some participants who attended the Heartistry Experience!

"Your view on life broadens. It was delightful to be around different people. I will never be the same again. The food was phenomenal... I am going to roll home! I am going home a lot richer and more knowledgeable!" - Kerry Stewart, South Africa

"We learnt a lot of practical, simple lessons about how to be more hospitable so it is a great learning experience!" - Eleanor Valentina, India

"I learnt love, God’s love for his people, and how it can be transmitted through hospitality" - Michiel Meyer, South Africa

"This experience will change your life" - Harmoni Ezra, Indonesia

"I would repeat it any day if I could and would highly recommend it. It was good, more than good. It cannot be put in words. You have to experience it! It is more than you would ever expect it to be." - Bettina M, South Africa

"I just had a wonderful time! ...Way more than a seminar!"Joslin Salant, USA

"Everything combined together creates a great learning experience" - Natchi Lazarus, India

"This seminar is different from other seminars. This will change your life, will change your heart." - Jakoep Ezra, Indonesia

"We all need to learn better ways of serving our guests and this is a tremendous vehicle for doing that." - Clint Lalum, USA

"I am taking away with me true hospitality!"Cornelia H, South Africa

"You don't have to be Martha Steward to offer hospitality!"  Jasper Esterhuizen, South Africa/USA

"The seminar taught me how to apply hospitality in a very practical way." Tatum Green, USA

"Everyone was truly impacted by the Hospitality Seminar."Jari Esterhuizen, South Africa/USA

"I learned that hospitality is for the whole family, the whole household."  Karen Chang, Taiwan