Workshops Offered by Lyn Johnson, Heartistry® Founder

Bless not Impress™ Workshops

The Bless not Impress™ Workshop is our foundational workshop. It is offered as a 4-hour workshop, as a module of the 8 session “At Home with Heartistry” workshop and also at the Heartistry Experience. The essential teachings in the Bless not Impress™ module form the basis for the rest of the teachings on generous living and hospitality. This module contains these topics among others:

  • Learn the difference between entertaining and hospitality

  • Overcome hindrances that prevent you from being hospitable

  • Be inspired by the Golden and Silver Thread stories

  • Understand your hospitality style

  • Gain fresh vision and new skills

  • Participate in hands-on activities

  • Have fun and meet new people

    The Bless not Impress™ workshop/training module has been attended by men and women from many different nations over the past 25 plus years. Lyn Johnson developed these materials in 1993 and has taught and led sessions encouraging people to “Bless not Impress” ever since then. After completing the course, attendees receive the highly coveted Bless not Impress™ apron! See more photos in the Gallery.

Couples/ Family Workshops

  • Be inspired through stories of families living generous lives

  • Gain a fresh vision for your family on how to open your home

  • Learn how to create a home where others feel welcome

  • Receive practical tips to help build genuine community

  • Gain skills through fun hands-on activities

Attend a workshop (or invite Lyn to teach one in your home or church). Create lasting impact through practicing true hospitality. 

Praise from attendees

"I loved that retreat! As a young mother, feeling the internal conflict between the work my husband and I planned to do and the constraints of young children at home, your teaching gave me a vision for how to integrate my two callings". - Amy, Spain

Corporate Workshops

The Hospitality at Work Seminar will inspire and equip you to create an atmosphere of welcome, warmth and celebration that will impact your clients/customers and staff. You will learn how to lead from the heart, resulting in greater effectiveness and contentment in the workplace as well as increased sales.

 Lyn Johnson, founder of Heartistry® will share her passion for hospitality as well as practical tips to make it possible for you to build a work environment that is nurturing and productive. 

Why practice hospitality in business?

•       Create a workspace where staff feel welcomed

•       Train your staff to offer genuine hospitality to customers

•       Improve retention through building authentic connection

•       Build a corporate culture of honor and affirmation

•       Use celebration to emphasize your company's narrative

Praise from attendees:

The seminar was great. I learned so many things that I plan to implement in my professional life, and in my personal life as well.”

Praise from Business Owner:

"Lyn Johnson hosted and taught a seminar for the staff of our chiropractic office. Our entire team loved and benefitted from the training. My wife and I now reflect on how hospitality is not only important to our patients and business associates but also to our valuable team!" - Dr. Awender,  USA

Invite Lyn and the Heartistry Team to conduct workshops for your business or organization and see long-term results. 

Heartistry workshops

Workshop in your own home

If you are not able to travel to attend the Heartistry Experience, why not host your own Heartistry event?

Lyn would love to come to your home or organization to teach a one or two day Heartistry Workshop.

  • The One Day Heartistry Workshop runs from 8.30 AM to 5 PM, starting with coffee and muffins and includes lunch, teaching sessions and some hands-on demonstrations.

  • The Two Day Heartistry Workshop begins on Friday night with a supper and teaching session and then continues on Saturday with teaching and more time for hands-on exercises.

Invite Lyn to teach a Heartistry Workshop in your  home