personal Workshops

  • Be inspired through stories of people living generous lives
  • Gain a fresh vision for your family on how to open your home
  • Learn how to create a place where others feel welcome
  • Receive practical tips to help build genuine community
  • Gain skills through fun hands-on activities

Attend a workshop (or invite Lyn to teach one in your home or church). Create lasting impact through practicing true hospitality. 

Praise from attendees

"I loved that retreat! As a young mother, feeling the internal conflict between the work my husband and I planned to do and the constraints of young children at home, your teaching gave me a vision for how to integrate my two callings". - Amy, Spain

Invite Lyn to teach a Heartistry Workshop in your  home

Corporate Workshops

  • Create a space where staff feel welcomed
  • Train your staff to offer genuine hospitality to customers
  • Improve retention through building genuine connection
  • Build a corporate culture of honor and affirmation
  • Use celebration to emphasize your company's narrative

Invite Lyn and the Heartistry Team to conduct workshops for your business or organization and see long-term results. 

Praise from attendees

"Lyn Johnson hosted and taught a seminar for the staff of our chiropractic office. Our entire team loved and benefitted from the training. My wife and I now reflect on how hospitality is not only important to our patients and business associates but also to our valuable team!" - Dr. Awender,  USA

Invite Lyn to teach a Heartistry Workshop in your company

Heartistry workshops